Got a complex challenge?

Facing change?

Working with tough issues and wicked policy problems?

Want to build robust collaborations and resilient, adaptive skills?

We can work with you online or ‘In Real Life’…
and everything in between.

change facilitation

…bringing creative facilitation & social science insight and real-world experience to your complex organisational and policy challenges.

We work with you to accomplish adaptive, innovative and practical responses in changing times…

Talk things through - Kinnford consulting


We design and facilitate innovative ways to have meaningful and powerful discussions for:

  • policy & community consultations
  • team building and planning
  • addressing challenging issues & persistent problems
  • engaging stakeholders & building partnerships
Learn & grow - Kinnford consulting


We provide tailored individual and group learning for:

  • team dynamics, emotional competence, conflict & difficult conversations, dealing with uncertainty and change
  • leadership – especially in complexity & change
  • coaching and mentoring
  • policy skills & knowledge
    Better teams & workgroups - Kinnford consulting


    We can help your team to work more effectively together:

    • cross-functional collaboration
    • ensure diversity & engagement
    • draw on everyone’s skills & knowledge
    • build team culture & trust
    • organisational awareness
      Figure things out - Kinnford consulting


      We conduct bespoke research to help you understand your policy or organisational environment – for:

      • policy development & evaluation
      • research & environmental scanning
      • risk and scenario analysis

        “Thank you for facilitating the planning session so splendidly. There wasn’t a dull moment and feedback from my team is that it was engaging and useful as it dealt with issues they are grappling with…we all came away with the pleasant feeling that planning days can be fun and can engender a shared sense of purpose”

        Department of Education, Australian Government

        “I have worked with Stephen and Pamela in face to face and online formats with tricky subject matter and diverse stakeholders. Their facilitation is consistently terrific, intelligent, and responsive to unfolding group dynamics, micropolitics, and big personalities!”
        Kirby Institute, UNSW

        “Kinnford Consulting provided an innovative and engaging platform for all [our] staff to really talk properly about the things that mattered most to us. It helped consolidate our goals and priorities and gave us a clear view to our future.”


        “Kinnford Consulting gave us exactly the kind of experience we were looking for as a team.  Their skilled facilitation of interactive sessions produced an exciting high level of energy and challenged us…. The reporting and follow-up was key to keeping the training alive.  So often you have training sessions and everyone feels good for a few days and then it’s back to normal – the commitment to follow-up and reporting is a point of difference for Kinnford Consulting.”

        Army & Airforce Canteen Service (AAFCANS)

        How do we do it?

        Whether we’re working with you online or face to face, our approach is always focused on making sure people are engaged and fully participating in the things they care about most.

        Drawing on and adapting cutting edge methods for effective interaction, we provide settings and collaborative processes that promote your best thinking; honest, robust and safe conversation; and innovative, new ideas that will support your goals in a changing world. 

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        We need to talk…

        We need to talk…

        An unhurried ‘field trip’ to explore difficult conversations Pamela is partnering up with our colleague and friend, Johnnie Moore in the UK, to offer a 4-part online series of experiential learning “We Need to Talk” to explore the challenge of difficult...

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        VideoConferencing and Facilitation beyond Zoom

        VideoConferencing and Facilitation beyond Zoom

        How should we understand and categorise the underlying character of the myriad video conferencing platforms which are currently springing up, offering all sorts of ways to organise and facilitate online working?  The answer may depend on use context to a degree—a...

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        Who we are

        Pamela Kinnear and Stephen Mugford are well known for their effective and creative facilitation, that strives for sense-making, engagement, curiosity, deep thinking and courageous, honest collaboration. We can work with you either individually or together.

        We both have post-graduate qualifications in the social sciences and have also been involved in work with strong applied relevance beyond the ‘Ivory Tower’. Our experience across many fields – from government, the military, private sector firms and NGOs – means we are well placed to help individuals and groups navigate their way through the complex contemporary policy and organisational environment.